Building the dream

We gather the world's finest arhitects

Charrette - international arhitecture workshop

In September 2009 the Profectus Group organized an international architectural workshop in Dubrovnik with participation from some of the world’s most influential architectural studios. The participants were offered a chance to plan and design individual parts of the Croatian Dream project (the airport, the marina, the sports arena, golf courses, villas, hotels etc.). The objective of the workshop was to select from those works many conceptual projects (physical models and computer simulations) that would be presented to the public alongside the Masterplan and several brochures.

List of participants of workshop in Dubrovnik — January 2009:

  • Daniel & Nina Libeskind — New York
  • HOK — London
  • SOM — London
  • WS ATKINS — London
  • WATG — London
  • Happold Consulting — London
  • Civic Art — New York
  • RTKL — London
  • Studio Zaha Hadid — London
  • Design International — London
  • Aedas — London
  • Richard Hywell Evans — London
  • Faldo Design — Golf Courses — London
  • Craven Group — Marketing — London
building dream1

— "When I met Vicenco Blagaić on a business trip several years ago, I was amazed at how many successful projects that young man had already seen through. As I got to know him better, I began to realize he was a man of vision, with enough energy to make anything happen and with a strong sense of greater good. This project attracted me instantly, seeing how Vicenco and I share certain ideas about how to help our country realize its potential, use the beauty of its nature and show the world what we are made of. I believe the time has come for us to take our future into our own hands and make it brighter, better for generations to come — and this project is a huge step in the right direction."

Bruno IljkićMember of the Supervisory Board

building dream2
Vicenco Blagaić, visit to the site

Workshop ATTENDEESS September 2009

  • 4m2
  • Adamson Associates
  • Aedas
  • Alfaplan
  • Alsop Architects
  • Ante Kuzmanić
  • AP projekt
  • ARP
  • Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest
  • Atelier Šverko
  • Atkins
  • Biothing
  • Business Art
  • Claudio Bellini
  • Coop Himmelbau
  • Edward Suzuki
  • FOA
  • Fuksas
  • Gensler
  • Horwath
  • IMG
  • J. Mayer
  • Jadrić Arhitektura
  • Jurica Jelavić
  • Justlookatme
  • Make Architects
  • Matteothun
  • Moshe Safdie
  • Neno Kezić
  • Njirić +
  • PHA
  • Randić/Turato
  • RHE
  • Shigeru Ban
  • SOM
  • Studio Alamat
  • T.R. Hamzah
  • Tilke
  • Vyonix
  • WATG
  • Zaha Hadid